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Christmas, gingerbread and prints

It’s not too late yet. I wish you all a pleasant festive season and some time to reflect on the past and the coming year. I will be doing this myself. See what went great, what went wrong. And maybe set some goals for next year.

What I can tell already now is that I managed to reach some goals, others I didn’t. I managed for example to set myself up a website, with a newsletter that goes along. And lately I even could add a print shop to the site where I try to sell some old prints. However, response has been modest, to say the least. But it’s up and running, even if I didn’t sell much.

Which leads me to the next point… all the subscribers of the newsletter enter a raffle to win a print. Chances are good on this one. The winner will be drawn probably on the 27th December and will be contacted.

I also set out to market myself as a photographer. It’s all in the beginnings, but still, I started. I will continue to do this next year.

Another upcoming thing next year is my final work at the Ostkreuz school in Berlin. I’ve been working on I since a good year now and still am. Nothing has been published yet. But I can reveal so much that it will be mainly in black and white, maybe entirely. Beginning of February I will present the work at the school to be admitted for the exhibition, which takes place around October next year.

Final note on the culinary side. I did bake some gingerbread, some madeleines, some baguettes and will have a raclette tomorrow with the family.

That’s it. Until next year!




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