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Journal, prints, bread and rutabaga

Hi, I’m Giulia, and this is my first journal entry.

The journal entries will be mostly about my photographic endeavours, mixed with some personal content, such as what I did, where I went, maybe some gardening, travelling, and so on. Let’s see how it evolves. And of course there will be pictures. You can even comment below, at least for now I enabled this. So don’t hesitate to leave some words on there.

I plan to do it in English and Luxembourgish only, as translation takes time. But please comment if you need a French or German version.

© Giulia Thinnes

© Giulia Thinnes

The reason I do this is because I am tired of the well-known social media. It has become boring, and honestly I don’t manage to post something there regularly. Maybe because I never got something tangible out of it. I will try to change this with the journal entries on my own website, and I hope it will be more interesting for all of us, more interesting for me to write this, and more interesting for you to read and look at. I guess there will be one or two posts a month. In the beginning maybe a few more to bring you up to speed, but for next year not more than two, to not bother you too much, and to not put too much pressure on myself, haha.

The entries will go online and will go together with the newsletter. I won’t announce all entries on social media, but in the beginning I will do for some. But, if you don’t want to miss too much of the whole thing in the long run, make sure to subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of the website. You can always unsubscribe later if you don’t like it at all.

And… here’s more news. There will be a print sale soon. The layout of the shop is almost ready on my website, I just have to check some details like packaging and shipping costs. It will go online as soon as it’s ready.

The first batch of prints are pictures I printed over the last years, used for portfolio reviews, workshops, small exhibitions, and so on. Most of them are unique pieces, never shown online anywhere, and not part of any specific series as of now. So I thought instead of having them lying around, I can as well share them with you and give you the possibility to buy them. There are quite a lot of them, all quite different, from street photography to landscape, from portraits to urban shots and more.

A few images from the print sale, © Giulia Thinnes

Prices will be, to start, very social for most of them, except some more recent ones that are more valuable for me. Christmas is not far away, and maybe there is one for you to hang on your wall amongst them. Or it may be a gift for a loved soul.

© Giulia Thinnes

© Giulia Thinnes

One last chapter to tell you what I’ve been up to the last couple of weeks, besides working on the print shop and doing an inventory of my prints. I’ve been baking some bread, worked almost every day as a substitute teacher in primary school, harvested my only broccoli for this year, recently planted some last vegetables in the garden for this year, like winter salads, mâche, spinach, purslane and onions. I put them under a small tunnel and I hope the slugs won’t eat them before me. Except for the onions, which are planned to survive the winter (I sowed them too late), I hope to have some fresh greens during the next three or four months. Garlic was already planted a few weeks ago and is showing first signs of life. When spring begins, it will be ready to grow with the first raising temperatures, along with the onions. I also harvested some potatoes and did a hot compost pile, which doesn't seem to be so hot, haha. There are still potatoes, a lot of leek, carrots, one fennel, brussels sprouts, beetroot, salsify and rutabaga to be harvested, if I haven’t forgotten anything.

Me in the garden, 2022, © Giulia Thinnes

Me in the garden, 2022, © Giulia Thinnes

So, that’s it for today. Next time will be shorter. See you then, hopefully with the print shop.




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