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Noirmoutier Island

Just a few pictures from last year's holidays on Noirmoutier Island in France. The two following pictures are from one film. All taken during a bicycle ride one late afternoon.

Actually the previous one was taken in the suburbs of the city of Noirmoutier, just on the edge, while the next one was taken during the ride home.

All of them were taken with the Bronica RF645, a compact medium format camera, which I really learned to appreciate after getting it three years back. It's compact, sturdy, and gives a great image quality. Unfortunately, I only have one lens for it, the 65mm. Luckily it fits for most situations.

By the way, a part of my graduation project, which I have almost finished shooting now, was taken with this camera and lens. The other two cameras I used are the first camera I bought for myself, my beloved Nikon F100, and lastly the Zeiss Ikon ZM.

Anyway, here's the last images for today, taken on another day, with different weather conditions.

See you next time!




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